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Time goes by in a blink

Experts say this sensation is related to our age and the decreasing count of new experiences we get as we grow older. But I think there’s more to it.

We’re overstimulated, overexposed to media, information, noise.

It’s like being bored is a sin. One you must avoid at all cost. Besides, we’re so busy, there’s no time to do all we want to do.  

We’re distracted, unfocused, disconnected.

And so, time flies before our eyes without us even noticing.

Paula Acuña

My name is Paula Acuna. 

I'm a creative, author, speaker, marketer and life coach. I'm a passionate for self-development. 

I was once like you: overwhelmed and trapped by anxiety. Until I committed to change. 

I believe we have the power and the ability to create a life of our own design. We can find balance, joy, and enthusiasm in today's over-demanding, stressful world. 

We can have it all: health, abundance, career, fulfilling relationships. All we need is a plan, a strategy based in our gifts, talents and possibilities. 

I'm here to help you create it. I'm here to help you be PURA VIDA.