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Effort and Focus

Very few things can be done “on the side.” Everything requires effort and focus.

Multitasking is overrated. That is, of course, unless you’re coping with the messy life of parenthood, which requires of you to develop eyes on your back. But other than that, it’ll most likely make you unproductive.

This doesn’t mean you can’t handle many projects at the same time. Take this from the person who’s writing this blog, working full time and teaching one day a week, and I know I’m not one of a kind. You can cope with lots of stuff too; you probably are already doing it. 

But when it comes to making the most out of your precious minutes, focus and effort are always required.

The focus to give that single task your complete attention and full presence.

The effort to leave your comfort zone and do what you need to do, even when you’re tired or stressed or wished to be at a cocktail party at the beach.

Putting effort and focus into your projects mean you are true to yourself, you respect your dreams, and you commit to them. And that’s another form of self-care.

Paula Acuña

My name is Paula Acuna. 

I'm a creative, author, speaker, marketer and life coach. I'm a passionate for self-development. 

I was once like you: overwhelmed and trapped by anxiety. Until I committed to change. 

I believe we have the power and the ability to create a life of our own design. We can find balance, joy, and enthusiasm in today's over-demanding, stressful world. 

We can have it all: health, abundance, career, fulfilling relationships. All we need is a plan, a strategy based in our gifts, talents and possibilities. 

I'm here to help you create it. I'm here to help you be PURA VIDA.