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Falling behind

I sometimes feel like I’m falling behind.

Behind expectations, behind my goals, behind productivity.

I wish I could do more. Damn! I feel like I should be doing more.

I could punish myself with my lack of accomplishment or I could embrace the fact that maybe I’m not very realistic with expectations.

Ambition can sometimes be a double-edged sword.

Paula Acuña

My name is Paula Acuna. 

I'm a creative, author, speaker, marketer and life coach. I'm a passionate for self-development. 

I was once like you: overwhelmed and trapped by anxiety. Until I committed to change. 

I believe we have the power and the ability to create a life of our own design. We can find balance, joy, and enthusiasm in today's over-demanding, stressful world. 

We can have it all: health, abundance, career, fulfilling relationships. All we need is a plan, a strategy based in our gifts, talents and possibilities. 

I'm here to help you create it. I'm here to help you be PURA VIDA.