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The death of a laptop, and something else

Yes, this past week was a little bit unexpected. My laptop died.

It didn’t come as a complete shock, for it had been showing signs of weakness weeks ago, but it was certainly unexpected and totally inconvenient.

What came as a shock though, was my reaction to the situation.

Not long ago, something like this one would’ve meant catastrophe. I would’ve freaked out, get stressed and very, very angry. Basically, I would’ve thrown a big, fat tantrum. But not this time, NO.

This time I centered myself. Well, my computer died, what can I do about it? First, try to get someone to check it and fix it. The person that took the least time would take three days reviewing it, which meant me without the means for work for three days. Well, then, what can I do about it?

What you see in the picture for this post is my “Lifescaping”. More detail on this later, but to sum it up Lifescaping is a method I use to create an overview of all projects and tasks for all areas of my life. It’s sort of a blueprint of the stuff I’m dealing with at the moment, and it helps me prioritize the next actions to take.

Ok, so I had a clear vision of my Lifescape, which of these tasks can I do that doesn’t require the use of my laptop or that can be done on the phone? Voilà! Action plan! Keep moving; you’re not stuck. Plus, I’m now writing this from a brand-new Mac (more on how to handle the financial K.O. of unexpectedly having to buy a new computer will be subject for another post).

Life has struggles way more challenging than this, but sometimes these minimalities are the ones to get us out of balance. Why? Because we love control. Because we plan for things and expect to go as we planned.

Does this mean we shouldn’t plan? By any means, NO! Plan, imagine, design, but then release, live in the present and be flexible as things flow. Sometimes the way you want, sometimes not, always for the better.

Worry about things I can’t control? Thank you, but NO thank you.

Paula Acuña

My name is Paula Acuna. 

I'm a creative, author, speaker, marketer and life coach. I'm a passionate for self-development. 

I was once like you: overwhelmed and trapped by anxiety. Until I committed to change. 

I believe we have the power and the ability to create a life of our own design. We can find balance, joy, and enthusiasm in today's over-demanding, stressful world. 

We can have it all: health, abundance, career, fulfilling relationships. All we need is a plan, a strategy based in our gifts, talents and possibilities. 

I'm here to help you create it. I'm here to help you be PURA VIDA.